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Welcome to my blog. I am a phd candidate at the Hong Kong Baptist University -department of Communication Studies. I am profoundly interested in the relationship between protests and electronic media. My research area intersect between social movement studies, movement-media interaction, 24-hour news television/global communication and social network analysis. I also observe South Asian political developments from a media perspective.

I’m teaching an MA course – Communication Technology and Media Organisations – at the Baptist for the 2nd semester of 2017-18, and am part of a multi-country study on ethical best practices of Asian news organisations. I am also a volunteer reviewer for the International Communication Association conference and the journal Media Asia. Recently, I participated as a jury member for the Agahi Awards; the first domestically generated awards for journalism excellence in Pakistan.

For a hard story of my research projects and/or a detailed ‘non-academic’ resume kindly click on the Research gate and LinkedIn tab respectively in the menu bar.

This blog originally started as a collection of my journalistic work and a diary of sorts. Since at present I traverse Hong Kong and Karachi to work on my thesis I would like to now highlight snippets, reflections and published material on my research. A diary of sorts however has been very useful to gauge progress of my research, development in writing style and to keep track of ideas generally. So, for clarity’s sake I encourage you to navigate using the menu above in that order.

The learning philosophy I’m extending is one where arguments are conversational and where focus is on finding useful meaning rather than ‘winning’ and rhetoric.



Ayaz Sid


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