About me

Great news! I have recently passed the oral defense for my thesis. So, I’m revamping this home page to showcase my research. Stay tune to find out how and why media is changing Pakistan.

Welcome to my website. This originally started as a collection of my writings and a diary of sorts. Since at present I traverse Hong Kong and Karachi to work on my thesis I would like to now highlight snippets, reflections and published material on my research. A diary of sorts however has been very useful to gauge research progress, development of ideas and presentation style. The learning philosophy I’m extending is one where arguments are conversational and where focus is on finding useful meaning rather than ‘winning’ and rhetoric.


Ayaz (Sid)

Click here to access my thesis manuscript




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. It seems to be an excellent progress .keep posting as pakistani politics is also taking too many turns.keep on writing ur comments. We ll be enlightened.

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