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Viral Posters

شرم و حیا کپڑوں میں نہیں سوچ میں

Urdu for ‘Shame and honour is not based on what you wear, it is based on your thinking’

My poster performance at the 2020 Aurat March rally gained widespread attention on social media and even appeared in Diva Magazine. This performance was a protest tactic, challenging patriarchal notions of morality.

It also used traditional Muslim attire from South Asia to create the image of a religious sermon, but from a Left perspective. The imagery aimed to challenge the religious-secular binary in discussions about Islam and women’s rights.

Feminism انشاءاللہ

Roman Urdu for ‘Feminism God Willing’

My poster performance received traction again in 2021 and this time it was also posted by movement organizers on their verified accounts. The poster was inspired by the documentary titled ‘Feminists Insha’allah! The Story of Arab Feminism’, Java Films Production. The documentary was also screened at the International Communication Association regional conference in the Middle East. The movement was instrumental for me to understand the impact of media on Pakistani society. Learn more about it here.

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