Our List of Experiences’

I look at this world as a fathomable list of experiences. I believe that if one is able to cross everything in this list that person will know the meaning of life.

With each passing day, every second I get the chance to explore something else, feel something different and cross out one more experience from my list of experiences. The funny thing with the list is that its ever so changing, it has a will of it own, it morphs, it adapts with age, it is influenced by my surroundings the people I know, the friends I love, the women I admire, the things I hate. Its a hard job trying to do everything there is to do in life isn’t it?

However I have realized that the best moments of clarity come when you are in this nice little place called ‘Ease’. It could be your own room, it could be the beach or maybe you are the social sort and can only be at ease among the people you know. For me it comes when I sit down over a cup of tea, light a cigarette take a sip followed by a drag and then i’m in a good place. It is in this relaxed state that I am hit by new and strange ideas that help me understand life better.

And so this is me ladies and gentlemen. And this is my quest in life; Lead a long fulfilled existence and not die before taking everything it has got to offer. On this forum I will write as I move up in my mental list of experiences and perhaps know you better too. And what better way to talk about it but over a mug of tea and a cigarette.


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