Nadia Ali has Pakistani lineage?!

So, I started blogging to talk about some of the amazing things I find over the internet in my free time. Pictures, music, comments ,work of art etc and these days I have been getting a lot of free time yea, the workload is low and its seems like everyday one of my buddies leaves this country to pursue a better life outside the subcontinent so my socializing has been reduced to a terrible extent as well. POINT BEING, I have been browsing the internet a lot and yesterday I came across this picture:

Anchor in the Divine Ocean

When I first saw this I just couldn’t help but stare in wonderment. A little snooping around the internet and I found that in the world of art these images come under the genre of surrealism. Beautiful ain’t it….

Check this one out, its my favourite:

The cybernetic zoology of Vladimir Kush

This piece was made by some Vladimir Kush fellow if you click the picture you can find more work by this very artist and much much more. If for some reason the maker of that previous photo (‘Anchor in the Divine Ocean’) catches onto this blog apologies before hand for no credits buddy, I kinda forgot who you are. Needless to say I do not lay claim to any of these works. Hmmm… I wonder if any Pakistani artist have worked on this genre.

Ok this last picture. Its not surrealism, its not art, neither does it contain the usual mumbo jumbo ‘FAMOUS’ pictures are usually known for, the shade of light, the one in a million smile or gesture. But yet the picture is very powerful. If you like trance and progressive music even remotely you will understand what I mean:

Armin Van Burren with Nadia Ali

Two biggest name in transcendental music Armin Van Burren and Nadia Ali. And they look good too. You might recall the famous dance number rapture by iio most urban Pakistanis have heard this song. The lady in the song is Nadia Ali. I believe at the time she was making electronic music with a couple of other people and going by the name iio before taking of on her own. Yes and check this out you might not believe this but one of her parents is apparently a Pakistani, no bullshit 😉 ain’t that something! Now there were rumors that she studied at Karachi Grammar School for a little while but I don’t think that is true because if it were, Karachites would be aware of that and on doing a little online research I didn’t come across anything to indicate otherwise. Anyway being an avid house music listener its an honor for me as it should be for all you Pakis out there that Nadia Ali has Pakistani lineage.

Ok so lets end this post with this 90’s classic:

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